The End
Season 3, Episode 26
Vital statistics
Air date September 16, 2016
Written by Craig McCracken
Lauren Faust
Directed by Craig McCracken
Eddie Trigueros
Dave Thomas
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The End is the 1st episode in Season 3, 80th episode overall, and season premeire of Wander Over Yonder.


Wander is over his head attempting to tell Sylvia that his parents are moving to a new galaxy, and possibly won't see her anymore.


Part 1Edit

After an attempt to wake Sylvia up for breakfast, Wander is notified by his parents that, because of Lord Hater, they have to move to another galaxy, and because their car only fits three, they have to leave Sylvia behind. Lord Hater, overhearing this, is filled with joy, but when Peepers reminds him about Sylvia, he goes angry again. While attempting to tell Sylvia about the move, Wander panics and sings a song instead.

We then have a montage of clips of Wander attempting to rid Sylvia, but ending up getting her back or following her somehow. When Wander's parents talk with him about Sylvia again, this time Sylvia herself overhears them and believes Wander hates her now.

Part 2Edit

Will continue alongside transcript. See transcript here.


  • Jack McBrayer as Wander
  • April Winchell as Sylvia and Wander's Mom
  • Keith Ferguson as Lord Hater and Wander's Dad
  • Tom Kenny as Peepers


  • The series finale was promoted a lot on Disney Channel, from a countdown starting 48 hours behind the premiere to numerous commercials.
  • On the first airing of this episode, the Disney Channel logo stayed throughout the credits, whereas it showed (similar to "For more games and activities, visit [LINK HERE]") "Thanks for watching! -Craig McCracken, Lauren Faust".
  • In other countries this episode is played as "The Move".
  • Rather than the half-hour event being split into two 11-minute segments, it is split into three 7-minute segments.


  • At the title card, the star on Wander's hat is on the left of his hat rather than facing the front.