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• 6/1/2016

OC creation

Here's my Wander over Yonder OC:

(Warning, kinda brutal. Viewer discression is advised for those under the age of 11)

Name: Maxx, or "Maxxy" (Name unknwon to everyone, called "The Nightmare King" or "Lord Annihilator")

Species: Unknwon (Same as Lord Dominator)

Homeworld: Unknwon (Same as Lord Dominator)

Abilities: Darkness manipulation, Shadow manipulation, Alien power armor suit made out of the same material as the Black Cube of Darkness

Likes: Destruction, Conquering, being worshipped as a God, causing suffering, torturing people, listening to heavy metal and upbeat, yet dark, songs, Stalking Lord Dominator.

Dislikes: People defying his commands, people foiling his plans, being humiliated.

Personality: Evil, cruel, insane, yet strangely positive, happy, upbeat and excited. (Basically if Wander was a sadist)

Story: In a neighboring Galaxy, there was a planet populated by green-skinned humanoids. Each was born with an innate control over a certain element. These gifts made them arrogant and pious, believing themselves with the right to rule over other species. Maxx was born into this cruel society, with a command of Shadows and Dreams, specifically Nightmares and Fear. Maxx was a gifted child, ingenious and intellectual. Yet he had a flaw: He was Sociopathic. And later this would develop into full on Psychopathy. He liked using his intellect to cause trouble, to be a "Bad Guy". In his isolation as the awkward, nerdy troublemaker, he longed for one thing: A friend. A real friend.

He got his chance when he met a fellow misfit: Dee, a wielder of fire and Volcanium X. The two became close friends and caused more and more trouble. However, as they grew in power, Maxx would became further interested in her, eventually asking to no longer simply be friends with Dee, but to be friends with benefits... at least. Dee laughed in his face, telling him that she wasn't interested in him and that she needed a more "Bad Boy". He was too nice.

Maxx responded explosively. Already mentally strained and awkward, the rejection of his only friend was enough to drive him completely mad. He took vengeance, destroying Dee's family and eventually destroying their home planet. After months of war and conflict that burned their Galaxy to ash, it ended as a final battle between Maxx and Dee, now both known as Lords: Lord Dominator and Lord Annihilator. After a long struggle between the two "friends", Maxx was defeated, thrown through a black hole into the Nothingness. Dee took over his ship, converted it from Nightmare-powers to Fire-powers, and left that ruined Galaxy to find a new one to destroy.

Maxx was left in the absolute nothing. There, well... you can probably figure out what would happen. Foating around in nothing for years can do things to people..... bad things.


"C'mon, Dee! Wanna help me blow up a planet? It'll be fun!"

-Maxx to Dee

"But, I thought we were friends!'

-Maxx after being betrayed

"You did this to me. You made me into a living Nightmare for everyone around me. Do you know what it's like here!? Alone, unloved, left to rot in the prison of my own mind! Perhaps you do know. Maybe you threw me aside like garbage because you, like me, cannot understand people. Or friendship. We really are alike, aren't we? Welp, time to die! :D"

-Maxx to Dominator during their final battle


-Lord Annihilator as he rips a hole in the Universe inside Lord Dominator's ship, surprising his "Old Friend"

(I made this character for fun, hope you enjoy reading about him. If you've watched the newest episode of Wander over Yonder, you'll have a basic idea of how he and Dominator used to spend time)

(Feel free to make your own characters!)

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• 7/12/2016




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